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 Congratulations to Fuu, Bunnie and Linh for surviving UCI and graduating. Hehe. Not much I have to say except I hope you guys move on to the next step soon!

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10 June 2011 @ 05:07 pm
We graduated! Congratulations Bunnie and Linh!! The feelings that I had while sitting on that chair during the ceremony was like...vortex. I have told you guys before that I would sit on my bed after graduation and wonder wtf will I do now. And I am doing that right now.
Anyways, these 4 years with you two and kari were great! Couldn't ask for better friends (and I rather have a small group of friends like this instead of knowing hundreds of people that will be unknown to me after grad : D )

*continues to stare at old bio and ochem books while thinking about uci*
16 March 2011 @ 01:46 am

Here I am again to ask for your help for Japan in its worst time of crisis. Together we can make a difference (cheesy but true), be it little or big.

My thread locates Here
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01 March 2011 @ 11:53 pm

Here is my thread : )

Will be back after finishing with school's stuffs

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21 February 2011 @ 05:31 pm
I cared for him as if his pain was my own because that's what a daughter does.

Whenever he can't stand up from bed, I'd be there to assist him.

When he's in the hospital, I'd cry and worry as much as a child can do at such a young age.

But now, it's becoming too much of a burden.

It's quite disrespectful of me to say what I'm about to say but it is driving me crazy and I need an outlet.

My dad's been hospitalized [again] a few weeks ago, and I was worried for him, as usual. I had to drive my mom to work in place of him. What's worse was that it was the same week that I started my first week of school. So for that whole week, I'd be in the car almost the whole day, everyday, driving back and forth, running errands, school, etc.
One day, late in the afternoon, after going in to visit him for barely 5 minutes, I told him that I'm going to leave because I'm really tired. [And I also had to deal with some class issues.] His reply to me was, "You just wanted to go home to play games, don't you?" Wow. Are you kidding me? Really, it's not as if I didn't have any homework to take care of, or other countless amounts of errands you gave me to do.
I'd be less tired if he also didn't whine to me and mother every day about not getting food. The hospital food even has porridge that he likes so much and he say that he doesn't want it. Instead, he wants my mom, who works 12 hours a day, to go home and cook him food.

Oh, and get this. After leaving the hospital, his attitude is even worse than it use to be. He's grumpy half the time, and the other half, he's either sleeping or not talking to me. He thinks he's the only one suffering. Like we don't understand. -facepalm- He's basically acting like a needy, demanding freeloader.

And the list goes on and on.

He doesn't realize how he acts when he doesn't get things his way. I can barely handle it anymore. He almost never has a positive thing to say about me when I help him out with things and he always uses the excuse of "I'm so tired" for me to do his work. It isn't that I need a "thanks" from him or anything, I just want him to stop bitching at things I do for him. Just... stop. Damn it.

To be honest, I missed the time that he was in the hospital. It was great not having to deal with him 24/7.

Anyway, this is just a rant.
07 January 2011 @ 08:56 pm
I am 7 days too late~ but happy new year!
2010 was eventful and hopefully I'll be able to make the most out of 2011 too (maybe)
What I did in '10:

1.  Climbed rocky shoreline with friends to find sea urchins (even though I don't even know how to swim.  what.)
2.  Visited a replica of a burnt-down Roman villa in Santa Monica.
3.  Ate at Jin Patisserie.
4.  Got into two car accidents.
5.  Went to Disneyland during Halloween with my huge group of cousins.
6.  Discovered the world called vintage.
7.  Stayed at a hotel and slept on the floor while the bed was reserved for a crap load of cosplay stuffs (that weren't even mine).
8.  Stayed up until 2 am working on AX prints with Kari and Bunny.
9.  Bought a PS3.
10.  Wrote a 20-page lab report.
11.  Sobbed over bad grade.
And so on...

Also, in 2010, I drew (not a comprehensive list, thankfully)Collapse )

In 2011 it will be great if I can:
1.  Go to Las Vegas with my friends.
2.  Visit San Fran with my friends.
3.  Visit Portland with my friends (far-fetched much?)
4.  Ace my second MCAT (ha. ha.)
5.  Draw more Neuro.
6.  Draw more.
7.  Play Assassin Creed Brotherhood
And do many other things.
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24 November 2010 @ 03:49 pm
Lake Street Creamery
Yelp Review on Lake Street Creamery

My friend sent me this. :D
Looks and sounds awesome! Why are they so? Their ice creams are home made. :) Read their "about" page. It's lol-tastic. So's their menu, haha!

Now the only problem is to find them.
06 November 2010 @ 10:46 am
 I forgot that I owned red lead for awhile...
Now I'm addicted to use it. XD Though now I know that it doesn't show up so well when I scan it.
Sorry if some of these scans burn your eyes *_*

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24 October 2010 @ 02:12 pm
 Some piles of heavy images that I drew over the years! Please click with care.

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