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07 January 2011 @ 08:56 pm
Oh my gosh it's 2011  
I am 7 days too late~ but happy new year!
2010 was eventful and hopefully I'll be able to make the most out of 2011 too (maybe)
What I did in '10:

1.  Climbed rocky shoreline with friends to find sea urchins (even though I don't even know how to swim.  what.)
2.  Visited a replica of a burnt-down Roman villa in Santa Monica.
3.  Ate at Jin Patisserie.
4.  Got into two car accidents.
5.  Went to Disneyland during Halloween with my huge group of cousins.
6.  Discovered the world called vintage.
7.  Stayed at a hotel and slept on the floor while the bed was reserved for a crap load of cosplay stuffs (that weren't even mine).
8.  Stayed up until 2 am working on AX prints with Kari and Bunny.
9.  Bought a PS3.
10.  Wrote a 20-page lab report.
11.  Sobbed over bad grade.
And so on...

Stuffs that were obviously influenced by my obsession for Ancient Roman culture and history (oh hello there super-young-senator-for-God-knows-why)

And took a stab at interior background, and messed up horribly with vanishing points and historical context of Roman houses (look closely, there are like....2-3 vanishing points in this picture, and the decoration on the wall is completely not relevant with real Roman house : D )

Stuffs that were inspired by Middle Eastern culture, namely the Ottoman Empire and Persia....

...Even 15 minutes before my car accident...

And too many other lovey-dovey craps in my sketchbook.

In 2011 it will be great if I can:
1.  Go to Las Vegas with my friends.
2.  Visit San Fran with my friends.
3.  Visit Portland with my friends (far-fetched much?)
4.  Ace my second MCAT (ha. ha.)
5.  Draw more Neuro.
6.  Draw more.
7.  Play Assassin Creed Brotherhood
And do many other things.
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